React JS Course in Hyderabad

React JS Course in Hyderabad

Are you ready to master ReactJS and elevate your web development skills? Look no further! AchieversIT is your gateway to the best ReactJS training in Hyderabad. As a premier training institute,

we are committed to providing top-notch education, hands-on experience, and a pathway to success in the ever-evolving field of web development.

At AchieversIT, we believe in providing a supportive learning environment. Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience, offering guidance and insights that go beyond the textbooks. Stay ahead of the curve by learning from experts who understand the nuances of ReactJS development.

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Why should you take React JS Course in Hyderabad?

React development is one of the highest-paying remote tech jobs, making it a great choice for developers looking for well-paid remote work. Many companies are responding to the high demand for ReactJS developers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the demand for web developers, including ReactJS developers, will grow by 13% between 2023 and 2033,In India, the average salary for a ReactJS developer is ?4,95,000 per year.

More than 69% of US companies are struggling to find skilled ReactJS developers due to a talent shortage and limited access to wider geographies. AchieversIT provides quality training by industry experts to address this gap.

ClassRoom / Online : React JS Course in Hyderabad Training

2024-06-03 MON - FRI(12 Weeks) Timings - 11:00 AM-12:00 PM(IST)
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React JS Course in Hyderabad Curricullam

  • History of Javascript
  • What is ES6
  • A word on bable
  • Block scope, let & const
  • Template literals
  • Arrow functions
  • Spread and Rest operators
  • Object literal improvements
  • Destructuring
  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Static properties and methods
  • Promises
  • Iterators and Iterables
  • Generators
  • Modules
  • What is React?
  • Why React?
  • React version history
  • Differences between latest & older versions
  • Advantages of ReactJS
  • Workflow of ReactJS
  • Just React - Hello World
  • Using create-react-app
  • Anatomy of react project
  • Running the app
  • Debugging first react app
  • Scope of ReactJS
  • Introduction of Virtual DOM.
  • Difference between JS and JSX.
  • React Components overview
  • Containers and components
  • What is Child Components?
  • What is Namespaced components?
  • What are the JavaScript expressions available in JSX?
  • Node setup
  • How to use NPM?
  • How to create package.json and purpose of it?
  • ES6 Introduction and features.
  • Webpack Overview
  • Best IDE for ReactJS and How to write optimized code in ReactJS?
  • ReactJS browser plugins overview.
  • Create a React component with JSX template.
  • How to create Nested Components?
  • What is ReactJS render?
  • React Props overview.
  • Introduction of Props validation with data types.
  • Flow of States, Initialize states and update states.
  • Lists of Form components.
  • Setup Controlled and Uncontrolled form components.
  • Control Input elements.
  • How to set default values on all formats of Input elements.
  • ReactJS Form validations.
  • How to write Styles?
  • Animations overview
  • Initial Render
  • Props Change
  • Stage Change
  • Component willMount
  • Component didMount
  • Component Unmount
  • useState Hook
  • useEffect Hook
  • useRef Hook
  • useCallback Hook
  • useMemo Hook
  • useContext Hook
  • useReducer Hook
  • Single Page Application Overview.
  • How to configure React Router?
  • History of Router
  • How to Handle Conditional statement in JSX?
  • IIFE in JSX for complex logic overview.
  • onBlur, onKeyUp, onChange and other useful primary events in ReactJS.
  • How to Sharing events between the components?
  • CSS and inline styles in ReactJS overview.
  • Introduction to styled components
  • How to Load the router library?
  • Configure the React Router?
  • How to Pass and receive parameters?
  • Integration of React-cookie overview.
  • What is Redux?
  • When to use Redux
  • So, what is Redux used for?
  • Why is Redux good with React?
  • What is state management in Redux?
  • How Redux works
  • What are Redux actions?
  • What are Redux reducers?
  • What is Redux Store?
  • Redux middleware
  • Why use Redux?
  • What are the necessary Tools required for Unit Testing?
  • React Unit Testing overview
  • Introduction to JEST.
  • How to Test React Component?
  • How to Test React Router?

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React JS Course in Hyderabad Description

React is a JavaScript library used to build a responsive user interface for web and mobile applications.. here you build complex UI from small and isolated pieces of code called “components”. React can render on the server using Node run in different environments and easy to test and deploy.
The React certification training is designed to provide you the knowledge and skills required to become a successful web and mobile application developer quick starts with the basic concepts of React and its architecture. our training then focuses on Redux and its features demonstrate how React and Redux can be used together to build extensive web applications and later guides you on how to develop responsive UIs to handle user interactions in a mobile environment using React Native work from any place in the world
  • (a) Build a proper understanding of Web Development Architecture
  • (b) Create an application using React components
  • (c) Perform Navigation using Routes
  • (d) Build Web Applications using React with Redux
  • (e) Program Async Actions using Redux-Saga Middleware
  • (f) Write Queries using GraphQL
  • (g) Execute Test Cases using Jest
  • (h) Deploy Applications using Docker and Nginx
  • (i) Build Mobile Applications using Native React
  • (a) Freshers and Aspiring Frontend (JavaScript) Developers
  • (b) UI/UX Developers
  • (c) Web Developers
  • (d) Software Developers
HTML + CSS + JavaScript (You don't need to be an expert but should be familiar with the basics of these topics)

React JS Course in Hyderabad Certification

AcheiversIT React JS Course in Hyderabad Certificate Holders work at 2000+ of companies.

Best React JS Course in Hyderabad

ReactJS Training and Placement:At AchieversIT, we don't just stop at training. Our goal is to see you succeed. We offer dedicated placement assistance to connect you with top companies looking for skilled ReactJS developers.

Flexible Learning Options:Whether you prefer in-person classes or the flexibility of online learning, we've got you covered. AchieversIT offers both classroom and online ReactJS training in Hyderabad to suit your schedule.

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React JS Course in Hyderabad Features

Class Room / Online Sessions

90-120 hrs of class room / online training with Live projects minimum 5 based on any of the selected use cases, involving the implementation of with React JS Course in Hyderabad.

Real-Life Case Studies

200-250 hrs of practical sessions and tasks conducted by team experts that should helps aspirant to get placed into dream company under the field of React JS Course in Hyderabad.


Weekely assessments to ensure that every participant should get benefits otherwise our team conducts extra session to learn enrolled course - React JS Course in Hyderabad.

Life Time Access

User is eligible to get course updates and we provide React JS Course in Hyderabad is absolutely free life time if he/she wants to upskill.

24 x 7 Expert Support

Team of Experts always availbale to support better on their React JS Course in Hyderabad real world problems.


Our certificate helps user to get good job with highest package in the field of React JS Course in Hyderabad.

React JS Course in Hyderabad FAQ's

Career opportunities for React JS developers are plenty and diverse. React JS is extensively used for building dynamic and responsive user interfaces. It is emerging rapidly creating numerous job opportunities. The job roles include Front-End Developer, Full-Stack Developer, UI/UX Developer, and JavaScript Developer.
Many companies from sectors like Healthcare, e-commerce, finance, technology, etc. hire React JS experts to leverage their potential and enhance their web applications. Additionally, React JS developers get lucrative salaries and career growth. Constant learning and staying updated with the emerging React infrastructure developments will help further growth in this field.
To become a proficient React JS developer you should have a basic knowledge of HTML and CCS. You should also have fundamentals of Java Script and should be familiar with Git and CLI. Having a basic foundation on the above concepts will make the React JS learning process easy and effective.
If you are curious about constant learning and adapting to the changing ecosystem, you will excel in your career.
The benefits of learning React JS are enormous. The React JS is in great demand, providing abundant job opportunities and attracting lucrative salaries.
The following are some of the benefits of React JS are :
  • a)React's component-based framework promotes code that can be reused, making quick and efficient development.
  • b)React JS provides a Strong Community Support
  • c)It helps in improving application performance and user experience.
  • d)React JS is known for its versatility and can be used for web and mobile app development
  • f)React JS has a profound ecosystem, with multiple tools, and libraries, you can build complex applications easily.
  • g)You can propel your career, as React JS provides plenty of job opportunities with high salaries in front-end development across the globe.
Every learning aspirant goal is to secure a lucrative job and prosper in their career with promotions and onsight placements. AchieversIT's main objective is to provide quality training, support, and guide students in achieving their dreams. As part of this, AchieversIT came up to provide placement assistance to the aspirants. The objective of the placement assistance team is to search and find the right jobs for the aspirants and support them in getting their desired jobs. Numerous aspirants achieved their goals through the placement assistance program provided by AchieversIT
The salary varies according to company size, location, and experience. The salary for entry-level React JS professionals ranges between ?4.45 Lakhs - ?7.10 Lakhs per annum, for mid-level the salary is between ?7.10 Lakhs - ?16.10 Lakhs per annum, and for experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge and skillset the salary rises to ?18.10 Lakhs+ per annum.
AchieversIT is one of the best and leading institutes that provides exceptional React JS training in Hyderabad. You can access study materials like notes, PDFs, recorded sessions, etc by logging in to your LMS account. Every student will be given access to their respective LMS account immediately after they enroll in the course. You can access recorded videos at your convenience. Assignments will also be provided to the students. Additionally, you will be given lifetime access to the course materials, and get updates about the course.
AchieversIT provides both offline and online training for React JS courses. The online sessions are provided at flexible timings so that you can attend from your comfort zone and continue your learning journey hassle-free. If you miss any class, you can go through the recorded sessions, or attend the next batch for the missed session. You can select weekday or weekend batches, this option is provided for students and working professionals to encourage their quest for learning and achieving their dream jobs. Additionally, you will get 24/7 support from the AchieversIT. This 24/7 support team will guide, mentor, and support you throughout your learning journey. You can reach them for any kind of clarification, issues, queries, and guidance.
React JS courses are in high demand, as many companies are adapting to emerging technologies and creating ample job opportunities for React JS professionals. React JS is a dominant force in front-end development, used by most companies like Netflix and Facebook. The industry needs expert React developers, and these courses help bridge the gap by equipping individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge. Learning React JS course can flourish your career by increasing your skills and making you more competitive. With an ever-growing demand for React in web and mobile applications, the React JS course will be highly looked after for developers who want to make an edge in the competitive field.
AchieversIT is one of the best institutes that provides quality training to students. Numerous individuals benefitted from AchieversIT and got lucrative jobs across the world. The certification for React JS awarded by AchieversIT adds value to your portfolio and enhances your credibility. The certificate will attract employers, as employers will choose the certified professionals over others. The certificate will showcase your knowledge of the usage of tools and skills that you gained. Certifications make you more marketable to potential employers, especially in competitive job markets where having an edge can make a significant difference, and it also gives you a sense of accomplishment and increases your confidence.
AchieversIT provides a world-class curriculum that is meticulously designed per the current market trends. The trainers are well-experienced and inculcate innovative teaching methodologies to make the learning process smooth and effective. You will be given real-time projects, it is part of the curriculum. These real-time projects help you to gain practical insights. It also helps you to have in-depth knowledge of the concepts both theoretically and practically. You will be exposed to real-world challenges and tasks as you gain hands-on experience by completing real-time projects.

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